Czech Courses for Foreigners

Czech courses for foreigners are very popular at the moment. This is not only due to the Czech Republic’s EU membership, but a growing number of foreigners coming to the Czech Republic from different cultural backgrounds. The goal of our course is to get our students to their desired level of Czech in the shortest amount of time possible, so that they can make the smooth transition into everyday Czech life.

Why study with PELICAN?

  • Wide range of Czech for Foreigner courses at different levels
  • A superb accessible teaching location
  • Qualified and vetted teachers with a lot of teaching experience
  • Tried and tested teaching methods
  • Group courses and individual lessons
  • Intensive language teaching
  • Interactive learning
  • PELICAN Language School has a long tradition of language teaching stretching back to 2002
  • Czech courses for companies- for specific employees and situations
  • Language school in the center of Brno

Types of Czech for Foreigners courses

  • CZECH FOR FOREIGNERS year-long Czech course with the aim of preparing students to achieve a B1/B2 Language level in a year so that they may go on to study at a Czech university.

45 000,- / year

22 500,- / half-year

September/October- May/June


You’ll find more information about the Czech for Foreigners here

4400,- / half a year

8400,- / year

October – June


You’ll find more information about Group Courses here

2400,-/ 4 x 60 minutes per month

3200,-/ 4 x 90 minutes per month


You’ll find more information about One-On-One Courses here



Czech Courses for Foreigners are designed in particular for students, who want to study in the Czech Republic, but are prevented by a language barrier. It doesn’t require any previous knowledge of the Czech language. The goal of the course is to prepare students for Czech universities where the instruction language is Czech and acquaint them with the cultural, societal and historical background of the Czech Republic.

Czech Courses for Foreigners are for complete beginners and intermediate-level learners. We will teach you how to communicate in everyday situations and equip you with the basic communication skills required by your future profession or specialization. The final exam will test your current language level and make sure that you fulfill all of the necessary language requirements needed for a university in the Czech Republic.

Students enrolling in the Czech for Foreigners course with no previous knowledge of the Czech language will be able to achieve B1-B2 + level by completing all of the study commitments. On this course, students will master all of the Czech grammatical rules, lots of words, phrases and sentence structures appropriate for the student’s level. During the course, students will practice their written and spoken skills, as well as their reading and listening.

  • Czech for normal, every-day communication, conversations, grammar, working with texts.
  • Essential academic Czech language used at university
  • The cultural, societal and historical background of the Czech Republic
  • Co-curricular activities (lectures, sitting in on classes with Czech students, trips, etc…)