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Today, the dynamics of the labor market are changing and the increasing emphasis on digital skills and knowledge is affecting the way people learn and develop. The AI in ADU project: “Artificial Intelligence in Adult Education and Self-Education: Providing Personalized and Adaptive Learning Experiences with an Emphasis on Language Learning” is based on this need for more effective and accessible education for adults.

Photo from the first project meeting of partners in Brno in March 2024.

The goal of this project is to create and implement AI-focused educational solutions that will be personalized, adaptive and effective for adult learners. At the same time, the project focuses on providing practical advice to educators and self-taught students on how to effectively use AI educational tools to support further education and lifelong learning. The project also aims to raise awareness of the potential benefits of AI in education and thus support their wider adoption in the education sector.

Project Results

The results of the project represent a significant step forward in the field of adult education and self-education. They provide personalized, adaptive and efficient learning paths and solutions based on artificial intelligence. Practical guides for educators and self-learners make these innovative technologies easy to access and use. The identification of best practices will contribute to the overall improvement of the adult learning environment, while the recommendations and guidelines will ensure the ethical and affordable use of artificial intelligence technologies. Reports and podcasts from expert consultations will provide an important feedback mechanism and information for further development and refinement of educational initiatives.

Project Partnership

This joint effort brings together respected partners from six countries: Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Turkey, Cyprus and Italy. Drawing on diverse expertise and perspectives, these partners are united in their commitment to supporting adult learning and self-learning through AI-driven innovation.

Photo from the first project meeting of partners in Brno in March 2024.

Photos from the project meeting in Brno (26.-27.3.2024)

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