European Educational Projects

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European Educational Projects & PELICAN

Language school PELICAN is engaged in a number of other activities beyong the scope of teaching itself. Most of these activities are covered by the non-profit organisation Association PELICAN, which seeks to promote innovation in education, intercultural understanding and cooperation, the inclusion of minorities and work with youth.

The activities of Association PELICAN build on the long-term efforts of the Language school PELICAN to expand and improve teaching methods in the language and other courses it provides. The main goal of the Association PELICAN is the methodological support and development of lecturers. Within the European educational projects and cooperation with organisations in the European and global scale, they support them by the development of educational materials, tools, teaching methods and new didactic approaches.

The projects, in which PELICAN participates, can be divided into several groups according to their focus and goals:

Integration and support of adult education:

Integration and support of education of children & youth:

Development of innovative tools to support online & distance learning:

Environmental issues:

Support of disadvantaged groups (children and adults):

Projects aimed at parents and children (multilingualism, psychological resilience of parents & children etc.)

Within the projects PELICAN cooparates with a number of important European organisations. Not only that we are partners in European projects, very often we are the initiators. This means that we can design the project idea ourselves and thus target a problem that is current in our country. Thanks to this we also greatly appreciate cooperation with organisations from the Czech Republic, such as various kindergartens and primary schools, universities, language schools, the Association of Language Teachers or the City Coucil of Brno and its Strategy for Integration of Foreigners in Brno 2020 – 2026.

PELICAN has been working with foreign and migrant communities intensively from its foundation and have developed regular contacts with communities of foreigners living in the Czech Republic (Russian, Vietnamese, etc.).

The topic of foreign citizens coming to the Czech Republic has always been one of the most central issues of Spolek PELICAN’s activities. PELICAN participated in the development of the Strategic plan for the inclusion of foreigners and immigrants, being a member of several thematic expert groups. Cooperation with Brno City Council brought PELICAN new opportunities to develop language-learning and content-learning tools especially for Russian- and Vietnamese-speaking minorities.

In this process, PELICAN utilized their experience in the development of specialized language learning modules and educational videos for particular target groups, goals or situations, as well as overall counselling and advice to these target groups members.

Thanks to our involvement in European projects, we can offer ous students innovative teaching methods and provide teacher trainings for our lecturers.

You can find more pictures from our project meetings in our photo gallery.

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