The ongoing conflict in Ukraine still resonates throughout Europe. War has affected many lives, and it is no different for teenagers who were forced to flee their native country. These teenagers are exposed to a lot of trauma. Without help and support they risk damage to their health, both mental and physical.

As part of the WELLTEENSFostering the well-being of teenagers fleeing the war project, a team of experts draws attention to the lack of mental health support for teenagers affected by the war in Ukraine, especially those living in the host countries. The project partners will try to make help assistance available to these teenagers and work on their integration into society.

You can follow the current events in the WELLTEENS project here

Coping with emotions and trauma

The WELLTEENS project, which started in April 2024, will work for more than two years on tools for psychological self-help. These funds will be provided by social workers to young refugees from Ukraine. The outputs will be in a form of modern technology that is very close to Generation Z.

Project outputs

As part of the WELLTEENS project, the partners will collaborate on two main outputs. These outputs are guided by the goal of the project, which is to create psychological self-help resources for young refugees, primarily from Ukraine. The outputs can serve organizations working with all refugees, not only those from Ukraine.

  1. A series of videos that will capture the conversation between teenagers from host countries and refugees from Ukraine. They will debate about their needs, grievances and experiences, aiming to connect with their peers.
  2. The psychoeducational application will be provided free of charge to refugee and migrant teenagers. In this app, they will be able to find contacts for professional help in their host country, appropriate trauma management strategies, or the possibility of monitoring emotions.

Project partners

The PELICAN Language School will work in an international team on the outputs of the WELLTEENS project. The team consists of specialists and experts from six European countries – Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Spain and Ukraine. These are the following organizations:

  • PRISM IMPRESSA SOCIALE S.R.L. (Italy) – PRISM, which is also the coordinator of the project, is a non-profit enterprise that deals with creating equal opportunities in society.
  • Fundacja One World – One Heart (Poland) – One World – One Heart Foundation organizes cultural events related to diversity and tolerance in society. It provides support for migrants at risk of social exclusion.
  • Association “Follow me” (Bulgaria) – Follow me is a non-profit organization covering activities in local communities. They are currently engaged in the ecological education of children from minorities.
  • GESEME 1996 SL (Spain) – For almost 30 years, the Spanish organization GESEME has specialized in health, sports, psychotherapy and healthy lifestyle topics. It provides professional training and coaching in these areas.
  • LVIV POLYTECHNIC NATIONAL UNIVERSITY (Ukraine) – Lviv Polytechnic University is an important partner of this project, as it brings specific insight into the project’s issues.

Project meetings and workshops

  • First kick-off meeting in Barcelona, Spain (10.4.-11.4.2024)

What’s new in the project?

  • First newsletter

If you are interested, we will be happy to come to your place and present the project to you, organize a workshop for your employees, provide consultation for a thesis, etc. Help us raise awareness of topics that really matter.