Post-Secondary Education

For more information call Kristýna at the school office on +420 725 441 935 or email

Post-secondary studies take place throughout the academic year in the range of 20 teaching hours per week/4 hours per day from Monday to Friday, with the exception of public holidays and vacations.


Apply for a post-secondary course and ensure your place on the most popular course in Brno!


STUDENT STATUS- Got your A-Levels, but don’t know what to do next? If you study on one of our post-secondary course you will continue to be able to benefit from all student deals! Get your Student Status with PELICAN Language School!

GET A SECOND LANGUAGE COURSE FREE FOR YOU AND YOUR GRANDMOTHER- Everyone knows, that all of our students who apply to one of our post-secondary language courses, with the exception of the language they have chosen to study, are entitled to a year long course in a second language, normally priced at 8 400 Czech Crowns, for free. From this academic year 2020/2021 every applicant can bring to the course a friend or a relative, who will also get the course for free. Two is better than one! This year’s students will be able to chose from English, Spanish, German, French a German. Which one will you chose?

PAY IN INSTALMENTS- PELICAN Language School allows its students to pay a part of the post-secondary course in 2 instalments. In this case the student must pay the first half by the start of the school year and the second half by the end of the calendar year.

GET BACK A PART OF THE COURSE FEES WHEN YOU GET ACCEPTED TO UNIVERSITY- You only get your results in September, so why not have a back-up plan? A Post-Secondary course at PELICAN Language School gives you the assurance that you need! Go apply to one of our courses and if you get into university we will refund you in full the part of the course fee that you paid.

WE GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL PASS- On our Post-secondary course you will receive careful preparation for a language exam of your choice. The State Language Exam or selected Cambridge Exams (FCE or CAE), no matter what the exam with our help you will easily ace it!

DEALS AND OTHER BENEFITS- PELICAN Language School is partners with a range of cool businesses right in the centre of Brno, so you don’t just have to make tea or coffee in our kitchen. Every one of our students will receive a loyalty card for Papaya Fresh Bar, where you can get a fresh coffee before your lessons, for Galeryje 9, where you can enjoy a chilled drink after school, or for Funky Donuts, because who doesn’t want to try the best donuts for free! In addition to all these deals you get a small T-Shirt, and when you use our partnership with Wolfgang you can go to their store and get another one for a reduced price.

ACCOMMODATION- Not from Brno and worrying about where you are going to live in Brno in September? Let us know! We will happily give you tips on where to find accommodation.


  • We have been doing this for a long time- PELICAN Language School has been teaching students since 2002.
  • Our qualified teachers will teach you how to sound like a native speaker and will make sure that lessons are fun and engaging.
  • We are in the centre of Brno, so it doesn’t take long to get here!
  • We know that parking in the centre can be a nightmare: so we allow our students to park on site.
  • Free WiFi which you can use in the kitchen outside of lessons and during a break. Whats more, only a few steps away is Galeryje9, where you can get great coffee and something nice to eat, and after school, feel free to go for a drink and some traditional Czech food.
  • It is important for us that every student finishes the course, improve their level of language and complete their studies at the B2 or C1 state examination level or a B1 level.

Apply Now

  • First thing to do is to chose which language you want to study.
  • Then apply to our Post-Secondary studies either directly through our website or stop by the PELICAN school office.
  • You don’t have to take any admissions test, all you have to do is apply, secure your place early and you can study.
  • Don’t worry about choosing a language based on what you know, even complete beginners are more than welcome.

Before the First Lesson

  • Applied to a Post-Secondary course? Then all you need to remember is to bring yourself!
  • You can either do a one-off payment or pay in two installments. We accept both bank transfer and cash.
  • Application submitted and course paid for? Great! Now you can look forward to the first day, new beginning, new friends and obviously studying.
  • If you find yourself bored waiting for the lessons to start, then you can go read our blog, give us a like on Facebook, Instagram or find out more about the educational projects that we are a part of.

During the First lesson

  • Before the first lesson we will help you familiarise yourself with the school environment- school common room, your classroom and the people at reception, who will be there to help you throughout your academic year.
  • It is important that you know your teachers and other classmates, that way you’ll all be able to boost each other on and stay motivated.
  • Familiarise yourself with the school’s rules, make sure that you know when the designated holidays, exams and parties are. You can find out more about these through our Facebook page and school website, where you can find out about when the school term starts and further information on the workings of the school.
  • Then you can start studying!

Course Outcomes

  • The goal of the course is to improve your proficiency in spoken and written language in a fun and engaging way.
  • The Post-Secondary course has been designed so that students improve their language level by two or three language levels.
  • Another main target of the course is to ensure that students successfully pass the State Language Exam or get their certification for level B1.
  • Getting your Post-Secondary course with an internationally valid certificate, which will improve your chances of employment on the international job market, allow you to travel abroad or even help you succeed in your university studies.
  • Choose PELICAN and you’ll have the world at your feet.

Teachers at PELICAN

  • At PELICAN we have a range of qualified teachers, who will help you succeed in your studies.
  • At PELICAN the Post-Secondary course is taught in a fun and effective manner by teachers who must fulfill a strict set of criteria, which accurately reflect PELICAN’s teaching methodology.
  • Our teachers are competent in communicating in the classroom and ensuring that the needs of every student are met.
  • We can guarantee that you will not be disappointed by our teaching staff at PELICAN!

General Information

What do you think about having an English language exam certificate in your pocket before going to university? Or how about a year of fun and productive learning, whilst improving your communication skills in a foreign language?

Does this sound like the thing for you? Well, why not apply to PELICAN Language School’s Post Secondary language course! Choose from one of our courses or sit down with a language adviser and a methodology specialist, who can help you decide. Then you can start your studies with us, but what does that involve?

At PELICAN, you needn’t be afraid of boring lessons or learning anything, as our Post-Secondary studies are not just interesting, but also worth your while. No surprise, as PELICAN has a long history of working with international partners, researching into innovation in the education sector and forming, working on and finally putting into practice the newest teaching methods. When you apply to our Post-Secondary course you’ll be able to see for yourself. You will find out that language can be learned without dry, boring lessons, stilted vocabulary and outdated homework tasks and that everyone can do it, even someone who claims that they have no talent for language learning.

If you choose Brno Post-Secondary, then you can register as a student with us. So go for it- Brno, Post Secondary Studies and the PELICAN School await you.

Why Pelican?

  • The course consists of one 4 hour lesson every day, Monday to Friday. Yes you read that right! This is the amount of time needed, that will enable you to make big steps in your language proficiency.