Young people from socially disadvantaged communities often lack access to quality education. They are forestalled from attaining the skills and knowledge required by employers. Therefore their future employment and inclusion in society are fairly threatened.

GE4YOUTH Project aims for social workers who are in charge of young people’s education, to broaden their competencies to better help their students become valuable members of our society.

The project will result in creating specific educational tools for social workers, who provide education for immigrants, Roma children, or young people with cognitive or physical disabilities.

Workers should have an opportunity to perfect themselves in educational approaches designed for social inclusion. It is required for the workers to navigate their educational plan in a way their protégés could develop a sense of social cohesion and prevent their future from social isolation. To meet these specific criteria, social workers can draw from a Global Education methodology.

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Global Education Method

A Global Education emphasizes learning about questions of global nature, e.g., human rights, democracy and citizenship, intercultural and interfaith dialogue, fair trade, gender equality, culture and lifestyles, and health.

Individual or group work with youth that is based on the Global Education method should support the development of critical thinking skills, changing perspectives, decision-making, teamwork and cooperation, creativity, dealing with complexity, and conflict transformation.

Project Outputs

The project will result in three outputs that will provide social workers the space for the enrichment of their skills to tailor their education approach to the needs of young people from socially disadvantaged communities.

  1. A map of the Global Education methodologies and approaches social workers use when working with youth.
  2. Two educational modules for beginners or experts based on a current learning method called blended learning, a combination of traditional “classroom” education and e-learning exercises.
  3. Interactive website that will contain the two modules. The platform aims to support social workers and organizations in the development of educational approaches for youth from socially disadvantaged communities.

E-learning platform


Project Partners

GE4YOUTH project emerged from the cooperation of partners from 5 European countries – the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Ireland, and Italy. The project materials, therefore, will be developed in collaboration with research participants from multiple countries, which ensures the output is a globally usable tool for social workers around the world.

  • PRISM IMPRESA SOCIALE S.R.L. (Italy). The organization offers the opportunity to share ideas and projects with groups of individuals or entrepreneurs. PRISM is the project’s coordinator.  
  • I.E.R.F.O.P. ONLUS (Italy). Their aim is to support and spread education available for anyone, with special orientation on people with any disadvantage and their integration into society. For this reason, they also focus on education for workers who are in contact with them.
  • FUNDACJA DIVERSITY HUB (Poland) concentrates on engaging people with any disadvantage in the working environment. They also help work organizations to benefit from their employees’ diversity, such as age, gender, disability, intercultural differences, etc.
  • GROWTH COOP S.COOP.AND (Spain) is a young organization with experience in education, training, and European projects. They focus on issues arising from working with people.
  • I AND F EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT LIMITED (Ireland). This organization’s aim is education for people of all ages in business, sports, and personal development, language acquisition, inclusion, and diversity.

What is new in the project?

Meetings and Workshops

First kick-off meeting in Cagliari.

Second meeting in Dublin

LTTA in Krakow

Third meeting in Brno

Final Conference Granada

What is Happening in GE4YOUTH?

If you are interested, we are happy to come to you and present the project to you, organize a workshop for your employees, provide consultation on a diploma thesis, etc. Help us raise awareness of topics that really matter!

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