Career Development

PELICAN offers training for individuals through in-class courses. These courses and certifications allow you to learn it today and use it tomorrow to enhance your job skills or prepare for the next employment opportunity. We offer training courses that help grow businesses and individuals toward acquiring new job skills and increasing workplace performance and productivity.


Learn it today and use it tomorrow

Training programs take place at PELICAN facilities and cover a wide are of workplace skills, including Project Management, Continuing Education Lecturer, Labor Evaluator, Program and Complex Project Manager and Project Manager.


In today’s competitive business world, developing new job skills is a critical component of success. Fortunately, at PELICAN, it’s easy too. The courses and certification programs allow you to acquire the new abilities employers are looking for in a matter of weeks.

Whether your goal is to land a new job or to increase the value you offer your current employer, PELICAN can help you get there.