Rozřazovací test

Vyberte jazyk

Text má 25 otázek, u každé je pouze jedna správná odpověď. Doporučený čas pro vyplnění testu je 35 minut.

Otázky, u kterých neznáte odpověď, nevyplňujte.

1) Sue and Kevin are going to the cinema. Do you want to go with ______?

2) He ______ the best ice-hockey player in the world.

3) A: Can you tell me your _______?
     B: Of course, I´m a bank clerk.

4) A: _____________?
     B: No, she's out.

5) I don´t speak any ________.

6) My uncle is __________.

7) I´m hungry! I´m going __________ this sandwich.

8) I can __________ the piano.

9) We often ____________________ away at weekends.

10) You can turn off the television. I __________ it.

11) Joe is ______________ boy who can paint Picasso replicas.

12) I haven´t seen her for ____________, I´ve forgotten what she looks like.

13) Everything is going well. We ____________ any problems so far.

14) The film was really boring. It was _____________ I´ve ever seen.

15) A child returns home for supper and his mum says: "Oh my god, look at you! Why are you so dirty? What ________________ with your friends?"

16) We were hungry, so I suggested _____________ dinner early.

17) Where ____ my money? If only I _________.

18) What´s the name of the man _________ ?

19) We haven´t got _________ on holiday at the moment.

20) I can´t _______ you´ve never heard of that guy! You ____________ him on the TV!

21) Nobody believed Paul at first, but he ____________ to be right!

22) If I had known how difficult the job was, I ____________ it.

23) Following the flood, ____________ in the area ____________ major repair work.

24) When you ____________ Dave, tell him he still owes me some money!

25) ________________ they slept soundly.